A versatile solution

Our single-molecule PPI analysis platform is a high-throughput PPI detection system designed to discover PPI networks for novel PPI biomarkers, using single-molecule fluorescence imaging to quantify both pre-formed and potential PPIs of target proteins. By changing the paradigm, Proteina’s technology platform offers advantages for a range of tasks.

Custom PPI assay development

More than a decade of experience has given Proteina the ability to develop custom assays to measure protein interactions with high sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, and reproducibility to meet specific partner requirements.

Analysis / diagnostics services

Proteina’s diagnostics solution can measure up to 100 PPI metrics in a chip at a time in less than two hours, rapidly revealing the PPI landscape of the samples. We can perform this analysis for you, freeing your staff to focus on discovery.

Predictive analysis of drug efficacy

Using big data collected by our platform, Proteina can generate a predictive model for drug efficacy. This information is valuable for developing new companion diagnostics (CDx) or repositioning an existing drug.

New drug candidate discovery

The Proteina platform can measure the PPIs between a target protein and a great number of candidate materials much faster than other protein analysis methods. We can develop an assay for the target PPI and perform discovery of the new drug candidate material.