About Us

Proteina is ready to go beyond the current DNA-based diagnostics with its exclusive "Protein-Protein Interaction Profiling"(PPI) technology which is exceptional in accuracy and applications. PPI confirms the real-time activation of cancer signal pathways by directly seeing the relevant proteins. Since Proteina measures the activation of signal pathways quantitatively, not qualitatively, PPI can predict the efficacy of drugs with more than 90% accuracy. Moreover, PPI enables doctors to select which inhibitor to prescribe by confirming which bypass signal pathways are inducing resistance. These values can never be achieved with the current DNA sequencing technology.

Our Vision


Rebuild your cancer treatment strategy


We believe that a timely, precise diagnosis can save pain and cost of cancer treatment. With Proteina's exclusive technology, you will see what proteins are interacting now, not past, thus compensating your DNA diagnosis unprecedently.